May 15, 2018


Video GeoEditor Includes all the Features of Video GeoTagger PRO, + PLUS:

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Patented Easy Map-based Video Editing – No video editing experience, simply click on the GPS track for a geotagged video to make edit selections based on map locations.

Edit Video & Keep GPS Data Synchronized – All edited videos file keep the continuous GPS data intact and synchronized with the new video’s new time, allowing you to concentrate on editing the video intuitively without worrying about losing geospatial data.

Extract Subclips From Video – Mark a begin-time and end-time within the video, then use the Extract Subclip function to save that selected segment as a new video file.

Delete Video Sections & Merge – With Delete Selection & Merge, you can cut out unimportant selections from within a video to shorten it and reduce the file size, and keeping one video file.

Delete Video Sections & Split – Similar to above, Delete Selection & Split, lets users cut out unneeded selections from within a video, but instead creates 2 new video files without the content from the deleted section.

Trim From Start – The Trim From Start function deletes the section of video from the click point to the START of the video file.

Trim To End – The Trim To End function deletes the section of video from the click point to the END of the video file.

Split Video – The Split function cuts the video in to 2 new video files based on the click point.

Join Geospatial Video File Segments – Join two geo-referenced, chronological video segments together, such as multiple video files with synchronized GPS companion files recorded in segments over a linear corridor or right-of-way (ROW).

Overlay GPS Data on Video – Create video files with continuous GPS coordinates overlaid on top – useful for sharing video GPS information with others using traditional, non-geospatial video player software.

Overlay Logos or Images on Video – Create video files with a logo or image overlaid on top, useful for branding or “watermarking” your videos.

Transcode/Encode Video – Simple video transcoding feature to convert videos from one file format to another.

Multiplex Synchronized Videos – Combine 2, 3 or 4 videos recorded over the same time and place into a singe video file with side by side or quad presentation. Ideal for combining multi-sensor gimbal videos like infrared and HD.

Capture Individual Geotagged Still Images from Video – Take a screen capture of the current video frame, and it will automatically be geo-tagged with GPS data from the source video.

Automated Image Extraction from Video – Capture a user-defined frequency of multiple geotagged still images from a video file including setting extraction start and end times. This is ideal for optimizing still images for 3rd-party photogrammetry and processing software like Pix4D and Esri Drone2Map.

Includes All Video GeoTagger PRO Features:

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Automatically Geotag Video – Video GeoEditor lets you easily combine any GPS log and video to automatically synchronize the video file with a GPS track with just a few clicks on the map.

Manually Geotag Video – No GPS log file? No Problem! Just select as many points along the map as you want for points of interest you want to geotag in the video. Video GeoEditor does the rest and will create geotagged video files! You can even geotag digitized historical video for documentaries and other location-based projects.

Click-on-Map Video Playback – Video GeoEditor is also an interactive way to play your geo-referenced on a map.. Open any properly geo-tagged video for playback using the same professional Esri mapping technology.

GPS Data Displays – Once video is properly geotagged, Video GeoEditor offers options for reviewing GPS and other data elements such as lat/lon, altitude, heading, speed and UTC time for any point during the video recording.

Virtual Dashboard Gauges – An Optional panel appears below the map with virtual navigation instruments and gauges which displays information pulled from the GPS companion file, including:  heading, speed (in MPH and KPH), UTC date and time and altitude.

DJI Drone Flight Log Support – Have you been wondering what to do with those encrypted DJI flight log .TXT files or how you can you can continuously geotag your DJI drone videos? Video GeoEditor includes a proprietary parser for creating standard .GPX files which then allows you to easily geotag your DJI videos and also show other data elements on the map.

LineVision-compatible Video – Video and GPS files created from Video GeoEditor are ready for import into Remote GeoSystems professional LineVision suite of software.

Un-encrypted Geospatial Video Files – Need to use your geotagged video files in non-Remote GeoSystems, 3rd party software? Video GeoEditor allows you to save your newly-geotagged video in an unencrypted format(s).

DJI Drone Closed Captioning SRT Support – Video GeoEditor allows for simple mapping and playback of DJI videos that have GPS data in the closed captioning of the video.

Advanced GIS Map Layer Control – Video GeoEditor comes with the same Layer Control panel found in LineVision Esri Maps, offering capabilities to add map data layers to your video geotagging project. Even if you are not a traditional GIS or Esri user, you can utilize your own background maps with shapefiles, imagery and streaming endpoints and map server data produced by GIS specialists in your organization.

Esri ArcGIS Online Authentication – The Advanced GIS Map Layer Control also includes support for authenticating users against your ArcGIS Online Enterprise account for data access.